Engagement Session - Do you need one?

Short answer - It's a personal decision so don't feel pressured into doing one if you don't want to.

That being said, there are many pros to doing an engagement session. If you do decide to have an engagement session, you might need help with timing, location and what to wear - that’s where this guide comes in.

Why an engagement session?

Not everyone has had a professional photo or video taken and an engagement session allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera in a more casual setting. You will also get a feel of how we work so you know what to expect on the big day. Timelines can be pretty tight on wedding days and wedding day portraits turn out so much better when couples do engagement sessions ahead of time.


If you’re sending out ‘Save the Dates’, need images for your wedding guestbook or invites, the photos and video from the engagement session would be perfect for these. 


The location choice can determine the overall look of your session.

Do you want your images to look like they’re from a magazine? Or maybe you’d prefer a cozy session at your favorite hangout where you first met? If you both love travel, you can also opt to get your engagement photos on vacation.

Quick tip, keep it simple. One location, one or two outfits. This allows you to enjoy the session without being rushed to change or move on to the next location. This is about YOU, so let’s make it showcase your love and story.

I’d love to hear about the places that are special to you or what look you are going for. I can also help with location suggestions. I’ve listed below a few favorites:

Crocodile Park

Eden Nature Park

Costa Marina Beach Resort


The Curious H Studio

Glasshouse Coffee

Triple Crown Ranch

Out of Town Locations

Banana Beach at Hijo Resort, Tagum

Wine Barrel Resort and Spa, Bukidnon

Yura Highland Villa, Marilog


Provided that the weather is sunny, the best time to do your session is golden hour (shortly after sunrise or the hour before the sun sets). The light during this time of day is more flattering, creates less harsh shadows and will be more comfortable for you both as you avoid sweating too much and squinting in photos due to the bright sunlight. 



My honest and professional opinion, dress up! You’re investing money into the session so we want it to look the best for you. Choose outfits that suit the location and that you’re comfortable in. Colour wise, choose soft, neutral colours that complement each other rather than match.

Your engagement session is also the perfect time to schedule your hair and makeup trial.

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when can i expect my images/video?

You can expect to receive 30+ digital high resolution images and save the date video (if including video coverage of your engagement) via a private online gallery between 2 - 4 weeks after your session.